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                  ABOUT US

                          JIANGXI LOTCHEM CO.,LTD was  founded in 2015, predecessor is mainly engaged in import and export of polymer additives,  such as photoinitiators, UV absorber, light stabilizer, antioxidant and optical brightener.  In 2015, LOTCHEM set up  OEM workshop and established a production, learning and research demonstration base with 985 famous universities in Southwest China in order to customize and synthesize function dyes function dyes—blue light absorber, visible absorb dyes and infrared absorb dyes . After several years of development and precipitation, LOTCHEM has grown into an enterprise of R&D, production, sales and trade. Mainly engaged in polymer additives, product coverage: photoinitiators, blue light absorbers, special functional dyes, ultraviolet absorbers, antioxidants, light stabilizers, fluorescent whitening agents, etc.
                          At present, the polymer has been widely used for replacing the traditional metal, inorganic materials due to the high performance of polymer materials. But aging properties of polymer is poor, which limits the development of polymer materials. In order to improve the aging resistance of polymer materials, Jiangxi Lotchem has sprung up to cater for additives market. We supply kinds of polymer additives, such as UV absorber, light stabilizer, antioxidant, blue light absorber, infrared absorber etc. 
                          Depend on strong R&D strength, we develop the forefront of additive products and formula for domestic and foreign customers. The company has a complete and scientific quality management system.
                  Lotchem’s integrity, strength and product quality are accepted by customers. Welcome friends to visit, guidance and business negotiation. Welcome friends around the world together!

                          Enterprise values:

                          Seek common development with customers, rich with the staff, creating benefits for the society.

                          Enterprise philosophy:

                          Pursuit of excellence, encourage exploration.

                          Vision and Mission:

                          Stronger and more professional, to build an international polymer additive company.


                          So deep, so special, so stronger, bigger.

                  CONTACT US
                  Address:Youlan country, Nanchang City, Jiangxi province, China
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